In a few short years, The Film Gate LLC has established itself as a leading source of military and aviation stock footage in the US and internationally. Acquiring the extensive Air Power Stock Library in 2009 helped make our already wide-ranging collection of military footage featuring fighter jets, attack helicopters, aircraft carriers, submarines, tanks, troops, artillery and missiles an even more valuable resource for our clients.  Our war footage encompasses both World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the current conflicts in the Middle East.

The Film Gate’s civilian and general aviation material runs the gamut from early aviation in 1903 to the Airbus 380, and has appeared in numerous theatrical films and television shows.

The Film Gate also owns a large collection of non-aviation related footage including trains (old and new), landscapes, city-scapes, human interest, explosions, special effects, forest fires, fireworks, car chases and nature.

A single perfect shot can make the difference in achieving artistic vision. We are here to help make your search for that shot easier.  Give us a call or email us your wish list and let us do the research for you.  Free customized screeners are provided as QuickTime files, often within hours of your request.

Film Gate does not collect or store your data.